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The Emery High Counseling office motto is:

“Decisions Determine Destiny"

School Counselors help students develop the academic and social skills needed to succeed in school—and later in life. ... Beyond supporting the social and emotional needs of students, they also help pupils explore their interests and potential career options

Counselors will hold annual CCRs for grades 9 - 12.  These CCRs are for students and parents and supply information specific to the student's current grade level.

Upcoming Counseling Events
Thank you to all of the Juniors and College Admissions Representatives for attending Utah Higher Education Day on March 1st!!!

Seniors! A meeting about graduation will be held on Tuesday, April 18th from 9:30-9:50 in the little theatre.

Registration for courses for the 2023/2024 school year will be starting March 3! Counselors will visit classrooms to begin the process.

Seniors!  Submit your transcripts to colleges through your parchment account.  Click here to access your account.  Still not sure how to submit transcripts?  Click here for step-by-step instructions.  

Seniors!  Submit the FAFSA application to be considered for grants, scholarships, work study, and other opportunities!  Click here for step-by-step instructions.  


Registration Information
EHS Courses             Graduation Requirements           4-Year Plan             22-23 Master Schedule
2022-23 Course Request Forms
 12th Grade (Class of 2023)      11th Grade (Class of 2024)    10th Grade (Class of 2025)     9th Grade (Class of 2026

Course Descriptions
Language Arts
        Mathematics       Science       Social Studies      Physical Education     Fine Arts      Digital Studies             
Financial Literacy      CTE - Career & Technical Education        Foreign Language      Released Time - Seminary
Concurrent Enrollment
Concurrent enrollment partnerships provide Emery High School students the opportunity to take college credit-bearing courses. NACEP defines concurrent enrollment as the subset of dual enrollment courses taught by college-approved high school teachers in a secondary environment.  Emery High School offers concurrent enrollment courses through Utah State University and Snow College.  To earn college credit, you need to enroll in the class at the high school AND through either USU or Snow College depending on which college is providing the course.  To get started, please register in one of the links below:

USU Concurrent Enrollment click here

Snow College Concurrent Enrollment click here
There are many scholarship opportunities for seniors available throught the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) including the Opportunity Scholarship, Utah Promise Scholarship, T. H. Bell Education Scholarship, Utah Private Non-Profit School Scholarship, Technical College Scholarships, WICHE Professional Student Exchange Program, Higher Eduation Success Stipend Program, Veterans Tuition Gap Program, Talent Retention Incentive, and Other Financial Aid Opportunities. To learn more about available scholarships through USHE click here.

Students interested in learning about a scholarship opportunity for students from rural high schools click here to learn about the Hagan Scholarship Foundation. 

Students interested in attending UC Berkeley click here to learn about and apply for the Fiat Lux Scholarship.
Students who are in 11th grade who are interested in learning more about the Horatio Alger Association Scholarship click here.
Students interested in attending the University of Arizona click here to learn about and apply for scholarships for non-arizona residents.
Students interested in pursuing a career in STEM and interested in applying for a scholarship for students from rural areas, click here

There are also many local scholarships available for seniors to take advantage of to assist in higher education expenses.  Please apply!  You can pick-up an application for the many scholarships at the counselor's office.  Learn about the local scholarships below. 
Local Scholarships



College & Career Ready (CCR) What does it mean?
College & Career Ready means that students graduate from high school prepared to enter and succeed in postsecondary opportunities--whether college or career-- without need for remediation.  To be college and career ready, students must graduate with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to succeed.
    • Graduates from High School
    • Receives at least an 18 on the ACT
  • Receives at least one of the following in advanced coursework:
    • A passing score on an AP Course
    • A "C" or higher in a CE Course
    • Meets at least one of the following
    • Career Pathway Completer (3.0 credits in an approved sequence of courses)
    • Career Pathway Concentrator (1.5 credits in an approved sequence of courses and the student earns an industry credential of value from an approved list of CTE Pathways)
Not all students are college bound, but ALL students need to be contributing members of society upon graduation from high school.
(UTAH STATE Board of Education)